Auto Glass Repair Services in Henderson, NV

Having a local auto glass repair specialists is priceless, which is something that many people living in the area have taken advantage of. What we offer those in Henderson, NV and the surrounding areas is excellence as we have experience. We stand by our work and offer warranties to our customers because they deserve peace of mind.

Living and working in Henderson, NV is great, especially since it has been ranked as one of the safest cities to live in (within the United States) by magazines like Forbes.

The community is still close to Las Vegas without all the noise and hustle of the area. Still, living in Nevada does have some drawbacks like road debris. Here, at Southwest Auto Glass, we have seen cracked and chipped automotive glass. The strong winds that we experience here can pick up enough dirt to damage auto glass, especially when driving at high speeds.

Windshield Crack Replacement

Furthermore, living in Nevada also means that your windshields could simply crack due to atmospheric changes. For example, extreme weather changes can lead to cracks. Many customers see a crack appear after they wash their cars, which is done often in Henderson due to the high dust levels. The problem is that washing a car on a hot day can create extreme temperature changes that could lead to automotive glass damage. Strong winds can also cause this same problem, which is one reason why we recommend that customers park in a garage as often as possible.

Henderson is also near military stations, which sometimes conducts equipment testing like jet testing. The strong sound waves could lead to glass damage, too. In short, there is a lot that could happen to your windshield.

Upon discovering the damage, people wonder what they should do. Of course, bringing the vehicle to us is a wise idea. We can thoroughly inspect the windshield and see the extent of the damage, but should you repair the auto glass or replace it?

Our licensed and certified windshield replacement technicians are the ones who can answer these types of questions. Typically, a crack or chip that is too large, impairs vision, or has too much debris embedded in it will not be able to be repaired.

Do not hesitate to give Southwest Auto Glass a call, or visit us to have all your auto glass questions answered. We are always here to help our customers.