There is nothing better to help you relax than a good old fashioned road trip. Las Vegas is famous for its liveliness, casinos, auto shows and unforgettable parties, but sometimes you may seek the peaceful nature near the city which only the wilderness can provide. You can go on scenic drives that are only an hour away to experience Nevada in a whole different way. The following locations are places that you will love to visit for road trips near Las Vegas.

Summer Fun at Lake Mead, NV

Lake Mead is easy to travel to because it is only 31 miles east of Las Vegas and about a 51-minute drive. It is the only big body of water near Las Vegas. People enjoy taking a trip to Lake Mead because it is a spot where you can go swimming and even water ski. Sadly, the lake is starting to dry up so you should visit there while you still can. You can get the most out of Lake Mead by getting a yearly pass that will only cost you $30, but if you do not want a year pass, you can pay a fee of $10 per vehicle.

Experience Ancient History at Valley of Fire State Park, NV

If you love history or have a fascination with the dinosaur era, you will definitely want to take a road trip to Valley of Fire State Park. The park is about 50 miles northeast of Las Vegas and it is a 56-minute drive. The sandstones are a remarkable site because they date back to the time when dinosaurs walked the earth. The reason why the park got the name of the Valley of Fire is that when the sun reflects off the stones, they seem to be lit on fire. If you have a good eye and luck on your side, you may even see the petroglyphs marked by ancient civilizations.

Adventures in Pahrump, NV

Pahrump is a place to go to kick back and have a good time. It is only 65 miles west of Las Vegas and a 1.25-hour drive. The small town is populated with only 37,000 locals but has several different attractions that are quite impressive. They have water-powered jetpacks that allow you to hover over water and for more extreme outdoor activities, you can visit Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch. You may also want to make a stop at the wineries and golf courses while you are there. Do not forget to check out the popular weapons training and self-defense school located there which is called the Front Sight Firearms Training Institute.

Mini-Las Vegas in Laughlin, NV

Laughlin is commonly known as a mini Las Vegas but this is far from the truth. It is located 98 miles southeast from Las Vegas and it is a 1.5-hour minute drive away. Laughlin has incredible scenery, several outdoor activities, and a beautiful river walk. You will also want to visit Laughlin during the Laughlin River Run. The Laughlin River Run is a huge event held for motorcycle enthusiasts. You can choose to stay in a simple hotel while visiting, but you might enjoy their boat hotel and casino which will give you a whole new experience.

The Hoover Dam, NV

The Hoover Dam is an engineering masterpiece that has influenced the modern Las Vegas as you know today. It is located about 40 miles from Las Vegas and only a 45-minute drive away. Boulder City is the town that is closest to the dam and it is welcoming to tourists. You can go out to Bootleg Canyon for some four wheeling or zip lining fun but keep in mind that it is illegal to gamble in Boulder City.

Exploring Nevada

Nevada is more than just a place for famous cities, but it is also a state for nature lovers where you can encounter the outdoors like you never have before. You will enjoy getting away from the city and noise for classic fun and real nature sports. The next time you think about going on a road trip, you should visit Southwest Auto Glass and learn what precautions to take to protect your auto glass.