The moment you get behind the wheel of one of Las Vegas exotic racing cars, you will experience something different. These dream cars bring all your driving fantasies to reality on some of the fastest and longest racetracks in Las Vegas.

Dream Racing

Dream Racing is a 5-star driving experience that features the world's fastest and largest selection of Supercars in Las Vegas. This is the only venue where you have access to a real Porsche, Ferrari, Lotus, Corvette, Audi, Mercedes, Nissan GTR, or Lamborghini race car. No matter the package you opt for, Dream Racing promises to give you speed cars racing experience you will remember in your lifetime. Don't miss your unique opportunity to try these exotic racing cars.

Operating exclusively inside the Superspeedway in Las Vegas, Dream Racing offers an assortment of unmatched spaces and exotic cars. The Lounge with its panoramic terrace that overlooks the racing track, theater and the simulators' room located in the Media Center forms part of these dream cars driving venue highlights.


Even if previously you have never driven a car on a real racetrack, from the moment you arrive, SPEEDVEGAS will feel natural. This is the only Las Vegas award-winning exotic car racing experience that has been designed by pros specifically for you. Here you can surrender to the thrill of speed on massive the 2,650' front straight and another 1,000' straight back track. You experience jaw-dropping thrills when you come to SPEEDVEGAS.

The most popular exotic cars available at SPEEDVEGAS include Lamborghini and Ferrari. This track was designed by an international professional team of racetrack designers, and is the only one in Vegas built to exceed the Level 2 standard set by FIA.
With a monster 1.5-mile track, SPEEDVEGAS offers the longest and most exhilarating speed cars driving experience in the whole of Las Vegas. Try and attain your maximum lap time using any of the supercars available here. These include Ferrari, Porsche, Mercedes, Lamborghini, and more.

Exotics Racing

Some of the best known and biggest names in entertainment and professional sports enjoy the thrill and rush of driving dream cars at the Las Vegas race track. You can too! Exotics Racing offers the largest fleet of speed cars that include Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, the Nissan GT-R, and Aston Martin.

Take the wheel of these racing beasts and experience the thrill of a lifetime with one-on-one guidance from a pro car racing instructor. The team of exotic cars racing experts is available to guide you as you go through the entire thrilling experience.


Exotic or dream car racing is unique and offers you the rare opportunity of experiencing the thrills that come with getting behind the wheel of a powerful and real racing car in Las Vegas. Stop by Southwest Auto Glass and we'll give you our firsthand experience with driving and working on these super cars.